Dolce Vita Wine Shop is a family-owned business with deep ties to our local community and a history of charitable giving. We receive many donation requests each week. We evaluate requests based on the criteria listed below. 

Donation Criteria

  • Dolce Vita Wine Shop will not make alcohol donations to youth oriented events or groups.
  • Dolce Vita Wine Shop will not make donations to any political organization. 
  • Organizations and events with a local presence are preferred to out of town organizations and events. 
  • Requests from regular customers are more likely to be granted than requests from people we haven't seen before.
  • Please understand that while we are sympathetic to many groups and causes, due to the number of requests we receive we simply cannot respond positively to every request. 

Please start the process by providing the information listed below.

  • Requestor Name, E-mail Address and Phone Number
  • Organization and/or Event Name
  • Organization Focus
  • Organization or Event Website
  • 501(c)(3) Number (if available)
  • Date of Event
  • Describe your event, and how a donation would help. 
  • Describe any donor recognition or exposure opportunities for Dolce Vita Wine Shop (programs, signage, etc.)
  • What specifically is requested?
  • Have we donated to this event or your organization in the past?
  • Include any Event Fliers or Official Documents

Donation requests may be sent to