The History of Organic Perry - Pear Cider

Cider has a long tradition in the UK, and sales of cider have grown dramatically there in recent years. Ciders are refreshing, clean, and festive; they are also high in natural antioxidants. While apple ciders are the most popular variety, ciders made from pears - sometimes called perry of poivre - are the second-most popular category. Samuel Smith's Organic Perry is UK Soils Association & USDA Certified Organic. Made from gluten-free ingredients, it's also naturally gluten-free.

Apple cider has a long history in America - before the middle of the 19th century, more cider was consumed in the US than beer - but cider production was dramatically slowed by the industrial revolution and by Prohibition. Now, due to its approachable flavor, light body and refreshing crispness the popularity of cider is growing steadily in the US. Cider fits in well with beer culture, too - it has an alcohol content similar to many beers, like beer it's carbonated for a sparkle, and it can be found at most every good beer store or beer bar.

Pear juice used to produce Samuel Smith's Perry contains a mix of varieties selected to balance fresh pear flavor with tartness, acidity, and sweetness. Samuel Smith's uses a wine yeast strain to ferment Perry, providing a clean finish and highlighting pure pear flavor and aroma all the way through to the finish.

Certified Organic by the USDA-accredited UK Soil Association.


Dry, sparkling pear cider with clear pale straw colour, smooth body, crisp but rich flavour of ripe pears, and the appealing aroma of a summer pear orchard. The cold fermentation with a wine yeast allows for the delicate pear aroma to shine, in this refreshing, thrist quinching pear cider. Samuel Smith’s Organic Perry is naturally gluten-free and USDA Certified Organic.

Serving Suggestion

Blue cheese or Gorgonzola; arugula or Waldorf salad; sweet potatoes; pancetta or prosciutto; pear tart. Very nice with dishes featuring ginger.

Serve in the classic Samuel Smith tulip glass.


Recommended Cider, All About Beer Magazine, March 2017

Bronze Medal, US Cider Open, "Unlimited," November 2016

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